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Published on 14 January 2020 at 12:47

ETCBC: Eep Talstra Centre for Bible and Computer.

This is the faculty of theology at the VU Amsterdam (Free University). Right at the inception of the digital age, in the 1970s, the computer has been used for researching the text and syntactic structure of the Hebrew Bible, driven by the vision of Eep Talstra and his successor Wido van Peursen, supported by computational thinkers Crist-Jan Doedens, Henk Harmsen (now deputy director at DANS), and mediated by polymaths Constantijn Sikkel and Hendrik-Jan Bosman.

This work gave rise to the EMDROS implementation of textual databases, which in turn gave rise to the graph-like representation of Text-Fabric and its search engine by means of template graphs.

The ETCBC has conducted a long series of projects during which is was possible, next to achieving the project goals, to develop the pieces of tooling required for the job, and train students in them. Especially the development of Text-Fabric owes a lot to Martijn Naaijer, Cody Kingham (now Cambridge) and Christiaan Erwich.


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